there is no sign of losing weight.

But that kind of natural gentleman 南京龙凤论坛 temperament will not fade away because of the change in body shape.
And he is Sir Bauhinia! The fanaticism of the fans at the entrance of the museum is enough to prove his popularity.
But when the girl saw Sir Bauhinia approaching, her hand plunged into her shoulder bag.
That satchel Sir White Wattle remembered to be… a souvenir of Hachiko, a very rare souvenir.
What she took out of it was a staff, and quickly took a step back and looked at Sir White Brilliant with alert.
Obviously, Sir White Waffle made any more aggressive actions, and in the next second it was very likely that some offensive magic greeted him on his face.
“This lady, please calm down, don’t you know me?”
Sir White Wattle didn’t expect the girl to be so vigilant, so he comforted her aloud.
Josh’s gaze looked at the back of Sir White Wattle, and behind him was a gleaming axe.
“Then you must have seen 南京龙凤网 the movie I performed recently. Yes, I am the one.”
“The murderer Johnny in the Shining?” Josh first reported the role that Sir White Wax had played before.
Sir Whitethorne did not expect that someone would remember that role, 南京419论坛 but it is only natural to remember… The Shining has set off a small wave of horror movies, even if it is now regarded as the most classic horror movie, there is no one
“no,” I’m referring to the recent movie.” In order to wash away his horror image on the screen, Sir Blakely played many positive roles.
“The perverted law enforcement officer Sheffield in this demon is not too cold?”
Josh once again reported a very dangerous character name, and she pointed the tip of the short staff in her hand at Sir Blakely.
“No! Yes…but that’s a more distant role. Miss, can you put the staff away first?”
Sir White Wattle walked back and forth, but no matter where he went, Josh could always aim the staff accurately. The head of Sir White Wattle.
The attendants in the museum saw their employer being point