e people received the food and the people’s hearts were initially settled, a group of Lu’an citizens, mercenary representatives, and merchant representatives went to the outer city to welcome those who were already waiting outside the city. Cecil Combat Corps.

After the Cecil Combat Corps entered the city, the situation can be said to be initially stabilized.
Amber and Wright left the underground of the cathedral. They showed the fragments of 南京龙凤网 Franco-Bérand’s robes to the people, telling the people that the sinful bishop had been completely annihilated by the light of the White Knight-although many people regret not having it. I saw the death of Fran?ois Beren with his own eyes, but the result was enough to make the people cheer for joy. After all, considering the actual situation of the extraordinary power of this world, I hope that Fran?ois Beren will die among the people’s stones and sticks. The following is very unrealistic. From the perspective of safety and security, a surprise attack on Bishop Luan by a team of elite white knights is itself part of the plan.
After doing this, Amber and Wright did not stay in the square, but soon came to a humble house on the edge of the church district.
This is a house that looks ordinary from the outside, but the soldiers and two white 南京夜生活论坛 knights guarding at the door are enough to explain its speciality. Amber pushed the door in, and unexpectedly saw the tall and familiar back in the main room.
“Sure enough, you sneaked in,” the half-elf lady walked over carelessly, slapped Gawain’s arm, “I’ll just say, you don’t want to hide behind such an important thing.”
Gawain, in a uniform, sensed the other party’s breath long before Amber entered the room. He turned around and looked at Amber a little bit dumbfounded: “What is meant by sneaking in to describe me, can you not use your professional terms? ”
amber folded his arms plausibly:” obviously follow the team together into the city, but up to now no hiding appearance, touch is not stolen anything