t, she quickened her pace and walked in a hurry in high heels. From time to time, she looked back, as if she was afraid that someone would catch up, and she seemed to be observing whether people were walking.

Gao Jin held the cigar with his fingers, spit out the white mist, and sat on the chair to blow the air comfortably.
five minutes later.
Ruan Van 南京夜生活论坛 walked into the corner, the red phone booth, dialed the alarm call.
Eight minutes later.
“Beep! Beep!” The police siren flashed.
A dozen police cars parked on the banks of the Thames and immediately surrounded the coffee shop.
“GOGOGO!” A group of menacing police officers armed with guns rushed out of the police car.
“The target may be a painter! The danger is extremely high! Act now!” a British police officer shouted with a communicator.
“Yes, sir!” The police officers responded in unison, raising their guns and aiming.
“Wow!” Long Wu immediately stood up from a table next to him, put his hand in his arms and pulled a gun.
At the same time, in the coffee shop, four or five round tables, a dozen bodyguards in suits, stood up and took out guns to protect the boss.
Gao Jin narrowed his eyes slightly and burst out: “The other party has 南京龙凤网 finally taken the bait!”
He is not only catching the police! But a real painter!
The painter can’t 南京炮网 help it! Start observing everything behind the scenes and designing.
“Qiang.” A silver poker appeared in Gao Jin’s hand, and suddenly flew out, hitting the officer’s wrist.
“Ah!!!” The British police officer’s palm was pierced by the gold poker, and he screamed and released the communicator in his hand.
“Bang-bang-bang!!!” On the banks of the Thames, white pigeons flew in the distance, and there was endless gunfire, ushering in fierce fighting.
Hong Kong Island.
In the evening.
“Go to the dock.”
Zhuang Shikai closed his suit, closed the car door, and preached.
“Yes, sir!”
Zhou Huabiao pulled on the seat belt, started the car, and responded.
The car slowly drov