he end, the score was fixed at 88 to 65.

Amidst the cheers of the fans, Harrison walked into the player’s tunnel with a black face and black 南京桑拿会所 lines.
Shame, it is shame!
As the player with the highest predicted overall pick today, he was beaten the worst. This is not what the shame is.
And Harrison was very angry when he lost because he thought the Cowboys were cheating!
Nima, the Chinese can’t even see the basket as soon as he stretches out his hand. Who gives him the courage to report his height of 2 meters 06?
It’s shameless.
But now Harrison can’t tell if there is suffering. As a loser, the more he speaks, the more he will be considered to be making excuses for losing.
So Wayne is more than the secret of 2.06 meters, Harrison can only hide it in his heart.
After the game, Wayne accepted an interview with ESPN reporters.
Although it is only a college basketball league, no matter whether it is software or hardware, the configuration of NCAA is absolutely professional.
The interview after the game is naturally also an essential part.
ESPN also knows how popular the NBA is in China now, so he specifically asked Wayne a question about the China NBA.
“Wei, your performance tonight is amazing. Do you think you have a chance to stand on 南京水磨会所 the NBA court?”
“I think it’s useless, it’s only because others think I can do it. So, I can do it.” It’s just to keep working hard.” Wayne answered the reporter’s questions in fluent English, and the way he answered the questions was a bit like a professional player.
At first, Zhang Weiping and Yu Jia thought that Wayne would be embarrassed during the interview. Because Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi were somewhat unnatural when they were interviewed by American reporters.
Don’t look at Dayao playing various American humours in the future, but that is the result of his years of immersion in the NBA.
When he first joined the league, Chairman Yao was at a loss when interviewed by American reporters.
But Wayne didn’t have this problem, and h