ousse, it’s mousse again.

Now, even Kobe is having a meeting with Mousse.
After this year’s All-Star Game, James was insulted by various media.
Mousse scored 24 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in this All-Star game, which is actually very good.
But the fault lies in the fact that the scenes of his success being beaten back by Wayne can be cut into a long-length collection.
Stoudemire said: This feels so familiar to me. I have also been given a lively collection by Wayne to cheer on the mousse. Wouldn’t it be possible for you to finish it in a day or two.
As soon as I picked up the newspaper and turned to the sports page, in addition to the news that Wayne won the All-Star MVP, the most eye-catching headline was-James could not 南京桑拿会所 prevent Wayne! ?
The 03 champion was completely blown by Wayne!
Who is responsible for the tragedy of the Eastern Stars?
This will be open, it is called an intense and exciting.
Various media, it can be said that you sang and I appeared on stage, and all kinds of titles came out.
Wayne not only threw Zhan Weisuo into the meeting room, but also welded the door of the meeting room directly.
No one can escape!
When the All-Star Game saw the biggest difference in history, everyone’s eyes fell on the three starters of the 03 season.
People think it was these three too young All-Stars who started the game and messed up the game.
After all, of these three people, apart from James, Di Wei and Bosh performed very badly.
That’s right, the best-performing Mousse was the one
who got the worst in the meeting. No way, who made Wayne go against 南京炮网 him?
After the game, many media expressed that they would not want to divide the All-Star Game at all. They would directly break up all the selected players, and then randomly divide the teams.
If you divide the divisions according to the 南京品茶网 east and west divisions like this, you won’t be able to play the All-Star Game in the future!
Make a hairy!