ed it.” Chu Ling disappeared after speaking.

But 南京品茶网 Hao Dong, who was standing motionless, was still alive. He said to Zhou Yi: “Why are you still standing still? Start training!” The
tone is exactly the same as the real head coach!
But Zhou Yi rolled his eyes–I don’t know who stood motionless just now,
“What are you practicing?” he asked.
“Pass the ball.”
Zhou Yi discovered that a round target, a little bigger than a football, appeared on the turf of the training ground about five meters in front of him.
“Boar, let the football hit this round target.” Hao Dong said.
“It’s that simple?” Zhou Yi thinks this kind of training is too simple, right?
So he kicked the football towards the circular target, but when the football was just kicked out, the circular target began to move laterally on the turf from left to right!
The football that Zhou Yi kicked out was rolling toward the original 南京水磨会所 direction of the target, but the target had already rolled to the right of the original direction. The football went straight through, only touching the turf and air.
Zhou Yi stared dumbfounded at the target that was doing lateral movement back and forth in front of him.
“Is it simple?”
It was a hell, Zhou Yi felt that he could actually hear ridicule and disdain from the voice of this virtual head coach!
“It will move!” Zhou Yi shouted, pointing at the target that was still moving.
“How fresh, do you play while standing still?”
Zhou Yi is now sure that this virtual Hao Dong is mocking him.
“Go on!” Hao Dong urged him after he finished mocking.
So Zhou Yi kicked the football to the moving target again. This time he also specially estimated the lead amount and waited for a while before passing the ball out, but it was still wide. 南京桑拿会所
Zhou Yi stared at the moving target in a daze. In his eyes, the round target seemed not to move laterally, but to twist his hips and dance to mock his incompetence.
At the same time, Hao Dong’s stern voice sounded: “You still want to be a professional player a