hzell. Because we have already negotiated with Nike. Nike is very interested in being able to cooperate with such an outstanding star as Rong. They are also very interested in the conditions they give Rich is hard to refuse. So I’m sorry, Mr.

Schzer . Your call is late.南京龙凤网” When Dai Bo La hung up, Sun Fengyang turned to look at her and smiled, “Is it a sweet potato?”
Dai Bo La hung up . Nodded: “Adidas regrets it and wants to sign Rong.”
“The old big company, the reaction speed is slow. It can be regarded as a lesson for them.” Sun Fengyang shook his head.
Deborah stared at the glory of receiving the trophy from the captain on the podium and said: “After the season is over, I want to go to China with the glory. He is a Chinese player and there must be many business opportunities there. With that With his success in Germany, the Chinese market should have an urgent need for him.”
Sun Fengyang thought for a while: “Then I will follow you. I haven’t returned to my hometown in China for more than ten years. I want to take Amy. Go back and have a look.”
“Amy? That Hollywood actor? Has your relationship progressed 南京夜生活论坛 to this point?” Deborah was a little surprised.
Sun Fengyang smiled, and then said meaningfully to Deborah, “You should also think about personal issues? Work and love are not in conflict.”
Deborah shook his head: “Too busy, no time and energy. No thought. I’ll talk about it when I’m done.”
Sun Fengyang knows what Dai Bo La is referring to as “this thing”. It’s not going to China or Nike’s thing, but a million dollars in debt.
Seeing Deborah working so hard and looking like a workaholic, Sun Fengyang now began to wonder whether his decision to lend one million to Deborah really worked.
He also turned his head and stared at kissing the trophy. Of glory.
Can you do some tricks for your kid? !
Chapter 98 Warming
Up Werder Bremen won the German Cup, which is not a sensational news.
The German media only paid attention for one day, and then they shifted their attention to the