hesitated and was a little unwilling. He knows what Hao Dong is going to do. In 70 minutes of each game, Hao Dong will replace Zhou Yi with Yang Fei to strengthen his defense and let the exhausted Zhou Yi come off and rest. No matter what the game is like, this substitution adjustment is from Chelsea. After the youth team’s game started, it became an unstoppable reservation procedure.

What Xu Yang hesitated and unwilling is that once he changes to Zhouyi next time, it means that the Chinese team will not attack anymore, and it must be a dead end. Hope to hold this tie. But just now we were still leading by one goal, thinking about whether we can win, but now we have to give up the offense for the tie. It is a bit reluctant.
“Because of 南京品茶网 this, we have to change quickly.” Hao Dong said. “Otherwise, even a tie won’t be kept.”
“Oh!” Xu Yang sighed heavily and said nothing more. He turned to look for Yang Fei on the bench.
After the Chinese team lost the ball, Yang Fei, like the other teammates on the bench, was very regretful, disappointed and frustrated.
He put his hands on his head and pressed his ears, curled his body, didn’t want to see the cheering La Masia players, and didn’t want to hear the cheers.
At this moment, he vaguely heard as if someone was calling him. The voice was the voice of assistant coach Xu?
He quickly released the hand covering his ears, raised his head, and found that Xu Yang was standing in front of him, with an anxious and angry expression on his face: “What are you doing!”
“I” Yang Fei wanted to defend himself, but Xu Yang suddenly He 南京夜生活论坛 pulled him up from his seat: “Go, the head coach is looking for you!”
Yang Fei was a little confused, but he soon reacted, this is to let himself go!
He is no stranger to such a scene. In the past few games, he was replaced by the head coach at about this time to replace the basically exhausted Zhou Yi.
He also knows that now that he is allowed to play is basically hoping to defend and draw his opponent.
Yang Fei gla