A group of ghosts were pale.
They feel humiliated!
“Haha.” Zhuang Shikai was wearing the uniform of the Special Administrative Region Chief with a smile on his face.
That’s right!
Guilao was 南京炮网 humiliated.
However, they asked for the humiliation.
The original intention of the Zhuangye was not to humiliate them, but to express the position of Hong Kong Island. If the ghosts regard Hong Kong Island as theirs, hehe, it would be a humiliation to them.
If they don’t think so, wouldn’t it be right?
When he opened the corner of his clothes and showed off his gun, Mr. Zhuang didn’t expect a camera to sweep him, but it didn’t matter if there was a camera. He had to do everything he needed to do.
At this time, the two Chinese flag-raising teams arrived at the flag stand. The Chinese side had 7 seconds more time. However, the Chinese side strictly abides by the return agreement and will raise the national flag at 0:00:00:00 on July 1st!
So the person in charge of the scene “Mr. An” clenched his fist and didn’t let it go. Instead, he 南京桑拿论坛 asked the military band to play five more seconds. It was 59 minutes and 58 seconds before Mr. An waved his arm to the flag-raising team!
In these five seconds, China has demonstrated its demeanor as a big country, not caring about others, and merely fulfilling its own rights and responsibilities.
Zhuang Shikai was very upset with the British intentions. He had the idea of ??raising the flag one second in advance, but the flag was big! The national flag is not raised! The regional flag does not rise!
In these five seconds, countless people in the venue and in the country were silent, looking solemnly at the flag stand.
Wait for the flag to rise!
At this time, the sacred and solemn national anthem sounded. The
national flag honor guard took the lead in throwing away the red flag in a brave manner, watching the red-stained flag with pious 南京夜生活论坛 eyes, and raising the flag little by little, inch by inch!
Subsequently, the bauhinia regional flag of th