“Thank you all”

Qiao Xiu bowed deeply to everyone, then turned and left the stage.
Chapter 564 expects that
“this is the medium that carries 南京桑拿会所 the magic net”
King Savannah IV of the Kingdom of Steel holds a transparent protolite in his hand. Many complexities can be seen inside the transparent protolite The inscription rehearsal grouped together.
“Your Majesty, to be precise, this protospar does not carry all of the magic net.”
An inscriber who belongs to the country of steel patiently explained the basics of the magic net to Savannah IV.
“According to our research, the magic net is a network of magic and inscriptions like its name. The inscription inscribed in this inscription stone is exactly a key to access the center of the magic net.”
“The center of the magic net. What is it?”
Savannah IV learned that the inscriber had studied the magic net and suddenly became interested.
“It’s the tree of the world.” Prince Kaos answered the king’s question for the inscriber. 南京品茶网 “My mentor, the man in red once told me that the carrier of the magic net is the tree of the world. I visited the sage in the past. At the time of the tower, I saw a world tree guarded by an ice dragon appeared in the center of Nolan.”
“Holy relics of elves, how long have you studied the magic net” Sevana IV asked this again. Inscriber.
“It’s been almost a year. I have been one of the apprentices since the instructor Qiao Xiu set up the programming class.” said the inscriber.
Savannah IV noticed what the inscriber called the Chaos Demon. Nolan’s spellcasters still value generations. The inscriber seems to be sixty-seven or eighty-year-old, but he calls a watchman. The Chaos Demon, who was only about twenty years old, was his mentor.
From that tone, it sounded a bit of a clear conscience.
“Father, the Ruelsk Higher School of 南京炮网 Magic offers a course called programming, the specific content is a deeper learning magic net.” Prince Kaos said.
“Kaos, have you ever attended the course called programming?”