as been won, just like climbing the past two-thirds of the distance, the remaining third he must go all out, otherwise he will fall, and everything will be lost.

But within two days of practicing, he received calls from the Spurs, Houston, Mavericks and Lakers scouts.
They talk differently, but the information they gave is the same, and they all hope that he can participate in the European joint trial that is coming soon.
NBA teams have little 南京桑拿论坛 interest in European perimeter players, but have great interest in players from other positions.
Taking last year’s draft as an example, Ginobili was selected with the 57th overall pick, but the highest-ranked “handsome shooter” Wally Szebiak, the forward swingman is a serious sixth pick. !
There are also center Alexander Radocevic with the 12th pick, small forward Andrei Kirilenko with the 24th pick and so on.
All of these show how much the NBA attaches importance to European players.
The NBA has a joint trial for draft picks at home, but many European players can’t go to that joint trial.
Because most of the European leagues, the end of the playoffs is already at the end of June, which is very close to the beginning of the draft.
For example, Sun Hao’s La Liga is expected to end on June 22, and the draft will be June 29, with a week’s time in between.
When Sun Hao wants to try out another team, time will definitely be too late.
Because this year is the first year of the UEFA Champions 南京419论坛 League, the NBA has conducted a joint European trial after full consideration.
Or it is more appropriate to call mini joint trial training.
Because it is not like all the teams in the joint trial will be there, they are all teams that pay attention to overseas.
Several teams that have expressed interest in Sun Hao are among them.
Sun Hao agreed.
Although he has not chosen the two options given by the system, this does not prevent him from participating in the trial.
In other words, what he has to do is to pick the one on the left or the one o