his analysis looks very professional, but it is estimated that except Sun Hao, everyone else will think it is nonsense.

The Brazilian team is the defending champion, the king of the world, and has “Football First Man” Ronaldo.
Losing, you are kidding me!
But Sun Hao listened and felt that Fernandez was simply contemporary Zhao Kuo.
Non-derogatory, the theory is true.
On the night in France, they stayed in a hotel to watch the live broadcast of the semi-finals.
Listening to the shouts near the hotel and on the street, Sun Hao could be regarded as feeling the enthusiasm of football fans.
And this game is really exciting.
Regular time 0-0, injury time is still 0-南京龙凤论坛 0, until the penalty kick.
In the end, the Brazilian team played steadily, defeating the Netherlands on a 4-2 penalty, and advanced to the final with their heads high.
At the same time, in another semi-final, 南京桑拿论坛 the French team defeated Croatia 2-1 and met with Brazil in the final.
The answer to the question that Brazil and France have won the championship will also be revealed.
When Fernandez fell asleep, Sun Hao turned on the hotel’s computer and saw that the French team had an odds of 1 to 4, and he smashed all the money in.
In the afternoon of the next day, the French Stadium was full of voices.
This stadium specially built for this year’s World Cup can hold up to 80,000 people, and it is on the same level as the Bernabeu.
And unlike Spain’s domestic competition, the atmosphere of the fans in the World Cup finals can only be described in one word.
Uniform T-shirts are all necessary, a little exaggerated, directly use paint to paint a fan on your body.
More crazy, the paint hits the face directly.
The craziest ones 南京龙凤网are those who paint themselves as Hulks or other alien characters. They are definitely the most beautiful boys in the crowd.
Of course, pretty pretty, more of a female fan than attracting attention.
Female football fans in Europe and the United States did not stand out.
With a tight-fi