ill be used to establish the order framework of the alliance. The basic operation mode of the alliance, the responsibilities and obligations of member states, and the execution process of the affairs are also included. Its core items are temporarily unchangeable. , But we still have the opportunity to discuss its detailed items or modify its content in the future when the current situation changes.”

Under a stone pillar somewhere in the conference 南京品茶网 hall, a flag with a black hammer as the main element is slightly waving, Paladin · Huishanyan sits in his place, he opens the “Charter” in front of him, and the first thing that catches his eyes is the purpose mentioned by Gawain Cecil just now-member […]

e two fought together. The swords couldn’t help but wandered and touched each other. During the tea time, Ji Buli was panting, already a little exhausted, and finally surrendered.

“My son, I can feel that you are using me to practice swords.” Ji Bu breathed heavily. “Isn’t the swordsmanship tempered? By the way, at what level can your swordsmanship rank 南京419论坛 in this Daqin?” Jiang Hao asked. Jibu thought for a while and said: “On the basis of swordsmanship alone, I can only be […]

t, she quickened her pace and walked in a hurry in high heels. From time to time, she looked back, as if she was afraid that someone would catch up, and she seemed to be observing whether people were walking.

Gao Jin held the cigar with his fingers, spit out the white mist, and sat on the chair to blow the air comfortably. five minutes later. Ruan Van 南京夜生活论坛 walked into the corner, the red phone booth, dialed the alarm call. Eight minutes later. “Beep! Beep!” The police siren flashed. A dozen police cars parked […]

e Olympic team will both hit the World Cup and the Olympics. The World Cup is a topic that Chinese fans can’t get around. What everyone cares most is whether the national team can enter the World Cup after the Zhouyi.

The performance of the national team in the Asian Cup gave many fans confidence. Wanda Group also plans to bring more young Chinese players to play abroad, following the path of Zhou Yi. All 南京品茶网 this makes everyone feel that the future of Chinese football is bright. “Zhou Yi, do you think we have a […]


fter only one game with the Eagles. This time, the Hawks also want to replicate this operation, replace all the capable players, and carry out the failure to the end. As a result, the eagle did not even wait for an inquiry! Is no team interested in Payton? of course not. But all the teams […]


t this level to make a lot of money? I don’t think you can even do the lowest level professional player! When you come back to Europe, you still can honestly go to school. Don’t waste time and energy!” Zhou Yi gritted his teeth abruptly when he was scolded, and said, “Come on!” Bang! This […]


a with no one defending?” “What’s impossible? Because I can’t catch the ball at all!” Can’t you catch the ball? What I want is a championship, not the best scorer. As long as you can win the championship, anyone can score a goal. As long as you can bring the championship. Rookie, don’t be too […]


he was “key protection”. He finally got rid of the defense, did not dare to take a step, forcibly kicked a shot outside the penalty area, and shot an 南京夜生活论坛 anti-aircraft gun. Yang Pan looked at Zhang Jun’s back, even if Florence was fighting for relegation, he felt that the back was really lonely. Zhang […]


ongle would certainly not be willing to let Yang Panzhuan be more beautiful than before. Only three 南京419论坛 minutes later, when Kuwait hadn’t recovered from the blow of the goal, Zhao Pengyu used his speed and technique to break through Kuwait’s right defense line, and he made a cross from the bottom. Li Yongle rushed […]


acked, Iverson slammed Ward, and the Knicks reclaimed the inside 南京水磨会所 line. The answer was that Ewing rode in the air. Beep! The thugs fouled, and the sad Ewing received a foul. Iverson, who walked to the free throw line, made two free throws, 13-4. The Knicks attacked, and Big Ben only reached out to […]