already had thirteen sons and four daughters, and I was the seventh son of my father. . Actually okay! I can’t figure out how many grandchildren Grandpa has. I was brought out to raise myself when I was very young. There may be many brothers and sisters I haven’t even seen before.”

“That said, you were taken by the teacher. Come out to travel the world, because you also have a rare bloodline talent?”南京桑拿夜网 I looked at Kuz in surprise.
Kurz proudly thought of the strong muscles on his arm that I showed off, and said unabashedly: “Of course! When I was three years old, the divination priest of the tribe, Kura Norman, predicted that I had the instinct for survival. Talent, after completing the first wasteland hunting at the age of seven, he was taken out of the Gludin tribe to travel in the wasteland by his grandfather. Later he joined the Green Empire inexplicably and joined the trade group, after traveling more than half of the Green Empire. We crossed the Neo-Siakis Mountains one after another and arrived at the dwarf country. Didn’t we pick you up on the edge of the burned forest, then you and we crossed the Neo-Siakis Mountain again, and we will be at my home soon. a. ” ”
you never told me about how you have a survival instinct talent? “I asked.
“But Jia, you never asked me! Actually, 南京龙凤论坛 Jia, I also told you! I can promise to take you out of this wasteland safely. Not only is this my home, but my talent can make me in the most When you are in danger, I will take you to hide in the safest place in the wasteland. The talented knight I have is nothing special. It is just that you can feel the breath of wild beasts in the wild. This is very important for people, but not Not too powerful, this talent can be included in the five legendary talents, because the orcs with survival instincts will become very powerful human kings, human kings! Human kings who can bring other orcs into the wasteland organization hunting, Jia, You know how much we lack food now. If each tribe leader is a king, he will survi