you take Princess Yingli and hide in Vasi. Qi may not be a bad thing.”

I glanced at him suspiciously.
He spread out his hand and explained to me: “Try to think about it. If Prince James knew that his favorite daughter had a mysterious potion 南京龙凤网 that could seduce the sea beasts, what would this potion mean to the South Wind Theatre. Will the Southwind Legion, which has been fighting at sea, looting the sea beast 南京桑拿按摩网 resources in the endless sea with such a mysterious potion? If that is the case, the power possessed by the Southwind Legion will explode. Just ask if this is the case. , Will the Royal Family of Angel Boulder marry you a princess who holds huge wealth in his hand?”
I shook my head.
Some were dumbfounded and asked: “Noah, do you think this magic potion is really so valuable?”
Noah nodded without hesitation and said, “Of course!”
I stared at the crystal bottle and said to Noah: “You don’t seem to know what it takes to make this magic potion. Magic herbs, if you knew it, you wouldn’t think so.”
Noah smiled and said to me : “whatever magic herbs, magic potions recipes made public if this, then that kind of magic herbs prices will immediately turn violent times!”
I asked him: “? If it is the blood of the devil,”
Enoch Yacheong’s laughter stopped abruptly.
After a while, 南京龙凤论坛 he said, “Uh, the Black Magic Priory guys have been studying the blood of the devil. Speaking of which, since the advent of the magic catalyst potion, the blood of the devil has become unacceptable.”
Noah went on to say: “But if this Rococo Flower potion approaches the vision of those adventure groups, I believe that Devil Blood will become the only low-level magic material that is more expensive than some high-level materials. ”
The sailors selected by Noah have never learned to use the flamethrower. Those sailors can’t stand the temperature around the flamethrower. When the flame is ejected, the temperature of the flamethrower nozzle is instantly like a smithy pouring. Like the workshop, although six wind p