the special The Rum stronghold has a very heavy right to speak. Felix holds the power of quotas for food, weapons, armor, etc., and is also responsible for recording the merits of the soldiers in the entire Trum stronghold.

Catalina led me into the stone house of the Quartermaster Department, and I discovered that the largest warehouses in the Trum Stronghold are actually on the side of the rock wall behind the stronghold, and there are three manual excavations on the rock wall. In the cave, Catalina said to me unabashedly: “Hey, tell you a secret, the most important supplies of Trum stronghold are actually hidden here!” After
seeing the guards here, Catalina took out A token, the guard let it decisively after seeing the token.
When I saw Felix again, he was sitting at his desk reviewing some books, and five clerks stood beside him. He did not rush to review the books one by one. These books were almost all material applications. single.
Felix is ??an old man who is 南京桑拿楼凤网 more than half a hundred years old. Half of his hair is gray, but he has taken care of it meticulously. He is wearing a very 江苏桑拿论坛 ironed military uniform, holding a quill in his hand, and his brows are condensed. A Sichuan character.
The clerks standing on the side didn’t seem to dare to breathe, and stood aside cautiously.
Quartermaster Felix’s voice was a little hoarse, with a faint exhaustion in his tone: “Clerk of the ordnance team, you take out the two boxes of crossbow arrows that can have an armor-breaking circle and send them to the wood workshop. On the side, let them make a batch of armor-piercing crossbows and send them to the wall, and let the craftsmen assemble a few more catapults as soon as possible, and prepare for the war. I want to see the results of the preparation.” The
one standing in the front The clerk quickly agreed: “Yes, my lord!”
Then Felix said without looking up, “The clerk of the cooking team, starting from today, will 南京夜生活spa论坛 provide extra supper to the soldiers guarding the city every day. It’s simpler