mind me!” I said to the captain.

The captain agreed without hesitation, and then watched me leave.
The Nautilus is a merchant ship bound for Dunay Island. It carries a variety of living supplies. In the past, merchants would exchange these supplies for some special products on Dunay Island and magic materials from sea beasts. After the destruction of the portal of Nath City, the impact on the many chambers of commerce in the Vashj plane was devastating.
Many specialty products on Vashj’s plane are beginning to be unsalable, and many islands have become extremely scarce of some living materials that cannot be produced on their own.
The Nautilus was loaded with a boat of living supplies to Dunay Island. In addition to the exchange of gold coins, silver coins, and magic crystals, only some high-level magic materials would be recognized by the merchants. As for the souvenirs on those islands, they still 南京桑拿楼凤网 remained. Slowly rot in the soil!
62. The girl who visited late at night The
Nautilus merchant ship finally arrived at Dunay Island before dark.
When we disembarked, it was raining lightly on Dunai Island. The whole island was in the misty drizzle, 南京桑拿会所网 and only a rough outline could be seen.
There is a not-so-high mountain on this island. Under the cover of night, even the shallow outline of the mountain gradually disappeared in the drizzle.
The rain wet the sails on the ship. The sailors struggled to lower the sails and tied them with ropes to the horizontal struts of the masts. Several sailors pushed the winches at the stern and put the huge and heavy anchors into the sea on the deck. All the goods were covered with a tarp, and the accompanying merchants stood on the deck and began to discuss the price of the goods in private.
The captain of the Nautilus was also standing among them. It seemed that he was not only a navigator, but also a businessman.
The merchants will stay on the ship for one night, and the cargo on the ship will not be unloaded on the pier tomorrow 南京桑拿夜网 morning.