side, and the rain water flows into my eyes and mouth. Here, my words sound a bit intermittent, not very coherent.

At this time, we have already reached the door of the house. Tauren Luca is lying on the big wooden bed. The rain shelter above his head has been rebuilt. He is lying on the wooden bed boredly watching the rain in the yard, and stretched out his hand boredly. The big hand followed the rain and saw us walking in from the outside, talking privately as we walked, lying there quietly, staring at a pair of big psychic bull eyes, silently watching us walk into the house.
It was Catalina who opened the door for us. It seems that the people in the house are not ignorant of the outside affairs, but Little Ella 南京龙凤网 and Mrs. Alia did not come out. Catalina took out a stack of bath towels. On the one hand, he said: “It made me worry about it for half a night. I thought Duke Ryan had sent over to trouble us. Just now I was suspicious of Ella, why didn’t you rush in right away, but showered on the street outside the yard. Rain.”
“I never thought that you are friends of Ji Jia, but I suggest that you should take a hot bath right away. At this time, it is easy to get sick when exposed to cold rain. The physique of the magician itself is no different from ordinary people. Oh, I’m Katarina, Giga’s maid, Giga, you haven’t introduced me to your girlfriends yet!” Katarina asked me with a sly smile on her face, that look It looks like Qige.
The third female Yingli did not refuse. Helena took the stack of bath towels and followed Katarina into the bathroom. At this time, I saw Becky carrying a small luggage 南京桑拿会所网 bag, and it seemed that they were also prepared.
After taking a hot bath, the three women changed into a dry suspender skirt and walked out of the bathroom. The long legs of a few white flowers were dazzling in the living room. Among the three women, Becky is undoubtedly the best figure. , The front is upright and the back is warped, everything that should have been on a large scale.
Everyone sa