n in the sight of the rebels. They know nothing about us, so when they find that Earl’s fleet is in sight, they will inevitably move out and encircle Earl. .

As a result, the strength of the forces in Connorson Island must be very empty, so we sneaked into Connorson City in the dark, launched a rescue plan, and then brought these people together 南京龙凤论坛 with Earl at sea. This is Earl’s. Connerson Island’s big migration plan.
Because there are too many people on the list of people to be taken this time, when we 江苏桑拿论坛 return to the sailing boat, we cannot climb over the city wall and return the same way as we did when we came, so we are bound to seize a city gate in our plan.
Successfully sneaked into the city of Connorson. Next, we have to work separately. Soon Captain Just took the pros and disappeared into the night. He would take the pros to inform all the family members of the island city for a limited time. Gather them together and wait to join us.
And Noah and I planned to occupy Daocheng Prison in advance, where many of Earl’s subordinates and some cronies were imprisoned. We must rescue them, strengthen our team, and then return to the city gate to try to capture them as soon as possible. This city gate.
Our team walked quietly along the stone street towards the prison. I followed the team and whispered to Noah: “It seems that we have 南京龙凤网 forgotten the most important part of the city robbery plan.”
“Where did we miss?” Noah asked me.
“Earl Earl’s mansion in the city, I guess it was already occupied by the rebel leader of Connorson City. You said we made such a big disturbance in the city, there is no reason for the Earl’s mansion not to send guards. The group came out, but we obviously did not make any defense against this force.” I said to Noah.
Noah was dumbfounded after hearing what I said, and didn’t know what to do for a while.
I patted Noah on the shoulder, and then comforted him: “We don’t have to worry too much. Soldiers will stop them and the water will come to the land. When tha