nded: “You can get cash when you go back to the adjutant or gin. By the way, you spend money too quickly, right? Where did the money that Dum gave you last time?”

Wade took the white strip, carefully put it in his underwear, and vomited:
“I went to Sister Margaret’s Bar that day after I got the money from Dum, and I planned to celebrate by myself. I said that my dead son would pay for the entire consumption that night. Many people came to toast me. That’s a loud drumming. , a sea of people, I found myself a bit drunk, only vaguely remember a black beauty with a few games to go war, wake up the next day, I slept in the streets of rubbish, the money was gone. ”
Most people money It will be uncomfortable if you lose it, but Wade has a very good mentality. He didn’t complain about others, and just waited quietly for the next opportunity to make money.
Mercenaries, as long as their lives are still alive, there is always a chance.
“Black Pearl? All 南京夜生活论坛 right, you protect Detective Corrigan, Halle, Bobo, and take care of Donna and Arthur.” Su Ming shook his head with a smile. He took back the strangulation 南京夜生活spa论坛 that helped people cover their ears and arranged it. After the division of labor? I walked to the ghost who was kneeling and vomiting not far away, and rubbed his fingers in front of the big guy: “Hello? Can you hear me?”
“Oh!” The
ghost vomited a large pool of green glowing liquid again. ? It’s like shapeless jelly.
“Why are you? I asked me to take out the hard dishes prepared for the upside down person in advance, but your eyes are big and your belly is small? Alas.” Su Ming rolled his eyes, put his hand on the ghost’s head and patted: “I know you Can you hear me? Now write me on the ground with my hand the way of catching people upside down? Otherwise, I will let my cousin kiss you deeply, like a brushed one.”
“Oh!” The ghost just vomited harder and heard The threat of death knell, he couldn’t help depicting that scene in his mind. 南京桑拿楼凤网
Thinking about Deadpool’s rotten face again? I couldn’t