iderman warrior.

He summoned the fighters who still had fighting consciousness, and rushed to the front. On both sides of his body were the two strongest shield fighters. 南京桑拿会所 They held up the tower shields to resist the pressure from the side for the captain. The halberds behind him The warriors and shield warriors cooperated with each other, desperately resisting the culling of the spider warriors, and followed the commander of the infantry regiment to break through.
With the first round of charge, the Spiderman warriors crushed the shield wall of the heavy armored infantry regiment in one fell swoop, but when they were unable to charge, they could not pierce the heavy tower shields, but they didn’t care about it, they just You need to take a big step, catch up with the fighters from Durva Province, and pierce the bodies of those fighters with a black iron spear.
Kalantuo led the orc warrior squad and rushed down the gentle slope from the top of the mountain, and was quickly noticed by the spider 南京桑拿夜网 warriors at the foot of the mountain, but these spiders didn’t care too much. After all, the number of the raid team seemed too large. Missing, in the eyes of the Spiderman warriors, these Orc warriors who only wear leather armor don’t even wear heavy armor on their bodies, and they only rush to death.
The head of the infantry regiment 南京桑拿会所网 also saw a group of orc warriors running down the mountain. When he saw the orc warriors rushing to the battlefield, he immediately made a decision to break through in the direction of the orc squad.
On the battlefield of the Yero plane, the appearance of orc warriors is obviously very unreasonable, but at this time, the leader of the group naturally does not care about this. He only needs to know clearly that the orc tribe and the dark forces in the deep prison are also deadly enemies. enough.
In such a predicament, only this orc squad can still give the head of the infantry regiment a glimmer of hope.
Sure enough, the ten orc warriors rushed to the grassy slope, an