similar to that of Drug Man.” Two seconds later, Mr. Po Jin also took advantage of the situation, “In my opinion, the most effective way to solve this crisis is to find this “Dr. Epilepsy” as quickly as possible. Guy, get rid of him while he hasn’t made a big change to history.”

“So” Toadman said at this time, “Does anyone have a different opinion?”
He said as he looked around the meeting. Around the table.
After about five seconds,南京龙凤论坛 seeing no one talking, Toad Xia said: “Well, let’s make it so.” While talking, he looked at the two, “Although Drug Xia and Mr. Bad Jin have always proposed simple and rude Suggestion, but this time I have to admit that they are right.”
“Hey,” Drug Man curled his lips and said to Toad Man, “This is like saying that nine out of ten of the ten suggestions we made in the week are wrong.”
“Hehe” The foil paper man sitting next to Toad Man. then laughed, he should grab the road before plunging Man, “it is because the simple and crude response options have nine times out of ten is not appropriate,” he spread his hands, “the probability of a simple question friends”
in their When talking about these few sentences, Toad Xia had left his seat without saying a word and walked towards the outside of the meeting room.
“Hey, Toad Man, where are you 南京桑拿会所网going?” Lucky Man asked.
“Prepare the 南京龙凤网 spaceship.” Toad Xia replied in his usual calm tone, “Fly to the Blasting Star.” When the
voice fell, he had already passed the electronic door and walked out of the room.
“Okay, everyone, let’s prepare it separately.” The paper man also stood up, “Come with me with spare equipment.” After a
while, the heroes walked out of the meeting room one after another; however, There are two people who have not left.
One is Feng Bujue; the other is the queen of the black hole.
It turned out that two minutes ago, when the paper man was talking, a woman’s voice suddenly rang in Brother Jue’s mind; that voice only left two sentences: “Don’t go, I have something to tell you. ”
At that time,