of the “Silver Corner” was set off.

There are still a lot of other odds and ends. I will slowly summarize it myself. When I am writing extra for more than four months, I will 南京龙凤网 start to prepare a new book. The subject matter of the new book is Xianxia and fantasy. There is no problem, a small part. It is more classical, most of it, how should I put it, I will know when I watch it, anyway, it is a product of brainstorming. I hope that from the setting, some problems with arcane characters and plot advancement can be avoided.
In many of these plots, I have already had a belly case, which makes me very excited and reverie. Similarly, I need a lot of knowledge and information to make up for evil. By that time, in September and October, we will set off again!
Finally, on April 10th, friends who like to watch Fanwai please continue to support, and the entity and peripherals will be launched successively.
Finally, thank those who accuse me, curse me, and despise me, thank you for the many hardships and 南京夜生活spa论坛 many hardships along the way, so that I can polish my glory step by step, hardships and hardships, Yuru Yucheng!
The last, the last, thank you, I would be nothing without you.
Squid bowed.
April 5, 2014 The
24th Volume of the
Extraordinary Arcane Calendar The
first chapter also has sixty-one days on the Luantat Triumph Avenue. The lights are beginning to shine, and the warm breeze of late spring at night will still bring a little coolness, so that the pedestrians will bear. Can’t help tightening the neckline.
Downey pressed his black top hat, got off the bright yellow public transportation car, wandered down the street bright as daylight, and walked towards the “knowledge bookstore” near Kaixuan Square.
“Is the “Arcane and Magic Guide” coming this week?” Downey asked the bearded boss.
The boss with dark yellow hair didn’南京桑拿楼凤网t raise his eyelids and said: “No, there will be no more.”
“Is it?” Downey’s tone was not surprised, as if he had expected it, he sighed slightly, with a strong sentim