ain on the other side began to be rejected.

With the cooperation of Douglas, “Silver Moon”, “Lord of Hell”, Fernando, and Vicente, “Abyss Will” broke through the defenses and broke through the peculiar state of Viken. , Constantly creating explosions, constantly creating killings and blood, trying to kill Viken, who focused on integrating the ancient hell.
Viken’s body became illusory, faintly diffused and distorted, and became increasingly dimmed in the attack of “Abyss Will” regardless 南京桑拿按摩网 of itself.
At this moment, Viken laughed suddenly, and a surreptitious smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
In his eyes, darkness and light alternated endlessly, and the remaining “Ancient Hell” and the still powerful “Mountain of Heaven” suddenly reversed their positions, making the “will of the abyss” within the range of the Mount of Heaven.
The rich holy light and the ethereal singing made the “Abyss Will” more violent. For some reason, he suddenly screamed, his body swelled rapidly, his arms, legs and feet fell off, and his eyes protruded!
“Retreat, he will blew himself up!” Maldi Moss roared through strange means, and the “Stay Tide” quickly moved back.
He paid a great price to summon the “Abyss Will” to get a strong attacker who was not afraid of death, to complete the last blow that could not be broken just now, but “Abyss Will” is too dedicated? In order to complete this blow, he actually chose to blew up!
Of course, Maldemos knew it with his toes, this guy is definitely a mess.
The explosion sounded many times more violent than all the attacks just now. Only the boundless bloody 南京龙凤网 light filled the mid-air. The defense of Heaven Mountain was broken, and only the angels fell. Only the seraphims retreated to the door in time. The world” escaped this disaster.
Light and energy storms flew together, and Douglas and other gods were forced to the edge of the “magical realm”.
The magicians who watched the battle were pleasantly surprised. A god-like blew himself up and would definite