bed two copies.

The first part of the dance music has been played, everyone on the dance floor is quiet, facing each other, but I am still alone.
I was standing on the dance floor looking for Qige’南京夜生活spa论坛s figure. I remembered that when we separated, she took Takama to the band, so my eyes searched over there.
Through the overlapping crowds, I just saw Qige and the lizard maid Takama standing on the steps of the square cloister. Next to Qige stood the senator who had just delivered a speech. He seemed to be very interested Qige talked, while Qige puts his hands around his chest, posing a look of listening carefully, I have to say that Qige, who is quiet, is very charming, the gentleman senator is a little fascinated, and Qige puts his hands on Behind him, the ten fingers were entangled and changed his fingerprints, obviously a little impatient.
The senator didn’t notice it. At this moment, Takama’s golden eyes were narrowed into a slit, standing behind Qige, staring coldly at the senator, who changed the clothes on his body. 南京龙凤论坛 Tightened, I looked up at the sky, and probably didn’t understand why I suddenly felt a slight chill.
I walked through the crowd and strode in front of Qige.
At this time, the main melody of the music on the dance floor has begun to sound, and young people have begun to stick together, dancing a very popular veneer dance in the imperial capital.
“Please appreciate it, Your Highness Qige!” As
I walked over, I just heard the last few words of a sentence.
When Qige looked at the senator, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, and my reflection appeared in her eyes as deep as a night star, and she looked at me silently.
this time, the surroundings seemed to become very quiet suddenly. I found that half of the musicians in the band above the corridor stopped playing involuntarily. They all stopped playing. Staring here with an incredulous gaze, there is another direction. Noah, Shirley, and the friends from the fire department who followed them to the Knowledge Square t