Hearing this Su, there is no more What to say, the pace is faster.

I have never seen Su’s work status, it turned out to be like this.
Unknowingly, the weak girl who liked to read under the lemon tree turned into a healer, or it was more suitable to be called a priest on this continent.
The 南京龙凤网 assistant continued to trot all the way, and followed Su and said: “Today, another 37 wounded have been sent to you.”
Su stopped, and said coldly, “What the reception department wants to do, don’t they? I know, my ward area is so crowded that even a fly can’t get in. Where are the wounded?” The
young assistant pointed to the courtyard behind the nursing home with aggrieved face and said, “The corridor on the third floor is full After the beds, some were placed in the newly built pergola in the back garden.”
Su Han cursed in a low voice with a face, “Damn it, what if it rains?”
The assistant bit his lip and whispered: “Master Sola ordered us to clean up the injured as soon as possible.”
Su glanced at me, then turned to the assistant and said, “I know.” The
magic caravan drove forward slowly, and I sat down. Next to the car 南京夜生活论坛 window, he waved to Su.
The street scenes on both sides galloped backward.
Catalina leaned back in a soft chair and asked me, “Are you not going to tell her about Guoguo?”
I hesitated and said to her, “Wait, I hope Vashj The journey of the plane can find the horn of the soul. You must wake up sister Guoguo so that these things can be explained.”
“Yeah!” Catalina agreed softly, her soft body nestled in my arms, her head resting on her. On my chest.
Her hair exudes a faint fragrance, and her warm arm embraces one of my arms. Close your eyes, and your long eyelashes tremble gently with the bumps of the carriage. It’s a rare and quiet moment to enjoy the happy time of two people.
I looked away from the white and greasy skin on her chest, and said to her: “By the way, when I was in the wasteland, I heard you
talk about it, you still have a brother.” Seeing me talk about