like this?”

“Thank you Hela, it seems that you have changed a lot after these years.” Badr took it. The armor that Hela handed over was almost the same as Thor’s armor, except that his was a local gold 南京夜生活spa论坛 version.
Hela just cocked one corner of her mouth and smiled coldly: “People will change, maybe.”
“Hi, fur~~~”
Outside the exit of the cave, the death knell looked at the floating in the gray sky. The floating tentacle monsters waited leisurely while smoking cigarettes, the cyan smoke enveloped his face, staying for a long time in this windless dimension.
“Can it be done, sir?” The
secret guest held his elbow and rubbed the sharp corners of his head with his claws.
“It’s definitely okay. Badr’s soul was tortured by Hela in the underworld. It sounds cruel and ruthless, but you can actually look at it from another angle.” The
Supreme Mage replied with a smile, and the smoke in his mouth came from his nose. It was sprayed out, as if all smiles:
“Think about it in another way. If one day you die, you will never see your brother 江苏桑拿论坛 or friends again. Your soul will fall into the hands of a relative. Although this relative is tossing you every day to play, isn’t it a kind of companionship for relatives?”
The black flame burned in the billowing eyes of the secret guest. It was the power from the redstone that radiated uncontrollably, and she instantly realized:
“I understand, it is like the common Stockholm syndrome. The kidnapped person will gradually begin to sympathize with the robber and think from the robber’s perspective, because the person in charge of his life and death is the only person he can rely on. ”
That’s the truth, so only Hela can do this thing about Fudge Badr, neither you nor me.” The death knell flicked the soot to the side, took out the wine bottle and took a sip: “Actually, it’s Hela every day.” Torture his soul so that he can remember who 南京桑拿会所网 he is, otherwise he would have forgotten everything in his lifetime and become the same as other brainless resentful spirits