hoose to end the course of the Royal Academy of Magic this summer. They are more willing to use the last half semester to have a long journey and a longer experience. Brigade, Lucia is one of these magic graduates, as is William.

Dylan Hurstley did not leave the Royal Academy of Magic this summer. The main reason is that the academy intends to allow Senior Dylan to stay. For Senior Dylan, as long as he can continue to do magic research in the space department. , In fact, it doesn’t matter where you go.
Senior Dylan and we experienced in the Vashj plane, using some brand-new space magic talisman to cooperate with the central system of the magic teleportation array, we successfully designed a brand-new teleportation method, although the cost of this teleportation method is slightly higher. , But it is much more practical than temporary magic teleportation array. This is a major breakthrough in space magic teleportation. The Golden Sea Ship Vengeance Queen is one of his successful experiments 江苏桑拿论坛 in this research.
So Dylan senior decided to write an article about the mobile positioning magic teleporter, and wanted to add my name to the commentary, but I refused.
Because I didn’t have much power except to provide Senior Dylan with a few teleportation magic charms copied from the Time Breaker’s hammer.
On the contrary, it was Senior Dylan who devoured the blueprint of the mobile magic teleportation array to help us get out of the Vashj plane. For this, Noah and I are very grateful to Senior Dylan. Besides, I only have a little knowledge of space magic. If I write my name on the last signature of the discussion, I will encounter a magician who asks me about space magic and I can’t answer it. To be ashamed is to lose.
I was sitting by the fountain with Noah and Senior Dylan. Senior Dylan saw that I was reluctant to sign his argument, so he said to me: “Yesterday, I went to visit my teacher Warren. He is in our college. One of the 南京龙凤网 few magisters, he is proficient in space magic and arcane. We talked a