d up and motioned to Zola to come, but still persuading his mouth: “Schmidt and I injected the same serum. , Dr. Erskine’s invention will make good people better and bad people worse. Are you sure that the people you make will listen to you?”

The electric drill in Zola’s hand stopped again. Although the electronic big face is not counted as facial features , But he was obviously hesitant at this time.
Yeah, what if a lot of red skulls are really made? Will they continue to bully themselves?
But at this time he saw his body,南京桑拿按摩网 the metal body of the refrigerator washing machine pieced together.
There is nothing to be afraid 南京桑拿会所 of anymore. Being able to enter the digital network by oneself is equivalent to immortality. What can Schmidt do with himself even if he is really alive?
So Zola smiled. He approached Steve’s chest with the device in his hand, and let the drill stick out of the machine and spin it quickly:
“Do you want to distract me? A good attempt, but it’s useless. Wait for me.” Squeeze all the blood and genes in your body and send Sergeant Bucky to hell to accompany you!”
Seeing the drill bit closer and closer, Steve suddenly pulled out his dislocated fist and violently attacked on the operating table.
Although his wrists were hanging softly, he could hit with elbows.
He observed for a long time, and there was a small glowing green dot on the TV, which should be the camera, and Zola relied on that to collect visual information.
So as 江苏桑拿论坛long as the little green light is blown, you can buy more time to get out of here, find the shield, and then find Bucky.
Bend your arm, move your body sideways, and blast your elbow out like a hammer!
Steve thought so and did the same, and the elbow covered by the blue uniform was getting closer and closer to the display.
However, when he saw the hope of success, Dr. Zola’s empty mechanical arm suddenly appeared on the attack route, as if he had expected it, and blocked the last desperate fight in his palm.
Although Steve is now inconveni