as it fell. His tentacles hung on the cliff wall and hung his body from the cliff wall. For a while, the broken rocks on the cliff wall fell into the inner sea.

Under the cover of the mountain, the General 南京桑拿会所 Faceless escaped the bombardment of the magic cannon. I originally thought it would quickly hide in the sea. In the face of such a huge floating ship, there is no hope of victory at all. They may be in Counterattack in the sea, or dive directly into the deep sea to escape.
But I didn’t expect that General the Faceless would actually hang on the cliff, hiding motionlessly, here is a blind spot in the view of the floating giant ship.
Sure enough, after the Faceless General hid under the cliff, the six giant ships lost their targets, the magical glow of the magic cannon on the bow deck continued to weaken, and the floating giant ship in the high-altitude wind belt continued to continue. The ground lowered in height, and through the clouds, six huge floating ships floated slowly in the low air.
When flying at low altitude, the 南京桑拿按摩网 floating giant ship moved very slowly, mainly because it lost the power of the wind belt and completely relied on the wind magic pattern on the giant ship to move slowly.
The heavy giant ship flew towards the cliff where General Faceless Man disappeared, and saw the countless number of Faceless soldiers crowded at the foot of the mountain. The giant floating ship descended to the height of the floating again, and the giant ship flew to the dead volcanic island. Above, the crew on the huge ship pushed out all the crossbows on the deck.
Two rows of cold and gleaming bed crossbows protruding from the sides of the floating giant ship. They fired at the place where the Faceless Warriors on the extinct volcanic island were crowded. The giant crossbow arrows fell from a high altitude, more than four meters long. The crossbow arrows nailed 南京夜生活spa论坛 some Faceless Warriors on the rocky ground, and for a while, the Faceless Warrior fell down like cutting wheat.
At this moment, the floa