re group had been suffering for more than three months during the journey and had no chance to touch a woman. They were thoughtful and flexible. The aristocratic youth finally began to pay the attention of the dancers in the dance troupe. The first to bear the brunt was the confidant maids of these big girls who were able to freely enter and exit the caravan every day, and these dozens of dancers were almost outstanding in appearance. Someone was hiding in the beginning. Behind the snow hill outside the wagon, he pretends to be an infatuated man. Almost every time he meets a dancer who is receiving a meal, he will always have a set of gorgeous words and words, and present some exquisite gifts when the other party is dizzy.

Ok! The angel in charge of saving Catalina is the young Day. The handsome young man gave Catalina a delicate bell for the first time. 南京桑拿按摩网 The hollow round bell of pure gold contained a primary flint stone. Hanging on the waist can feel the warmth of the fire stone, which can be said to be the most fascinating item for Katerina at present.
He was standing under a red pine, almost buried in the snowman by the fog falling from the pine needles, and his head, eyebrows, and beard were covered with frost and snow. Catalina shivered with cold, her arms clasped her shoulders tightly, and she trot all the way through under the pine tree. She didn’t pay much attention and directly hit Dayi’s body. The snow flew up and Catalina was about to fall backward. , Dayi stretched out his ape arm to hug Katrina’s soft waist, and took her into his arms.
52. Katerina’s troubles (below)
“Oh, oh! Contrast, sir! I didn’t see the road clearly.” Catalina saw Day’s precious leather armor and the long sword 南京桑拿楼凤网 with beautifully carved patterns, and suddenly slammed into herself. When you arrive at an apprentice warrior in an adventure group, not those coolies in the caravan, you must show proper etiquette to the nobles at this time, otherwise it will be offensive.
Dai looked at Catalina’s red eyes with an e