Although these hard shells can have some protective effects, they are also very troublesome. Many sailors’ affected areas will be very itchy. Sometimes sailors will use sharp knives to attack themselves when they feel itchy. The scales or hard shells that grow out are scraped off, but the 南京桑拿会所 affected area after scraping off the scales or hard shells is easy to rot.
The reason for this skin disease is that sailors usually don’t pay much attention to personal hygiene, which is caused by fungal infections.
Therefore, my method is very simple, first cut off the skin of the affected area on the sailor, and then apply hydrotherapy to the patient to help him recover quickly.
The third benefit is based on the second benefit.
I used the two warehouses on the deck of the slave trader to convert it into a bath to provide fresh water to the sailors on the slave trader.
Every time the sailors finish their work, they wash away the condensed salt particles in the bath, so that fungi, seaweeds and some shellfish that are suitable for growing in the sea will not choose to settle on these sailors. After cleaning up their dark and damp 南京桑拿夜网 living cabins.
At least make sure that every sailor can get into the dry and warm bed when he is resting. In fact, the bedding in the sailors’ room was almost damp and full of salty smell. These quilts are all let me throw them on the deck. They must be washed with clean water, and then dried on the crossbar of the mast. These quilts must be completely dried before they are allowed to be taken back into the cabin room.
In fact, what excites the sailors is the right to bathe in fresh water.
Many sailors took a very limited number of baths in a year. Only after the boats were anchored, the sailors rented a hotel in the island city and took a hot bath in the hotel. However, as the skin on their bodies began to mutate, these sailors So he stopped disembarking, because the more sick he was, the more he cared about other people’s strange eyes.
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