look, returning to On her body.

She is a dignified lecturer of magic pharmacy in the Royal Academy of Magic, and she is also a well-known scholar of magic pharmacy in the laboratory of the Imperial Academy of Magic. She is the princess of the noble Etia United Kingdom, and she is also Green The fiancée of the 南京龙凤论坛 Prince of Wales, the seventh heir to the empire. She has many identities. She can show different personalities on various occasions, but I know that none of them is herself.
My memory of her still stays at the moment I first met, when she was slender and thin, wearing an ordinary long skirt, and I called her Xiao Chai Niu.
“Oh, can you start with a lighter? Be careful that my ears are pulled off by you!” I deliberately showed a painful look and screamed loudly. In fact, her soft, white hands were just touching I do it in my ear.
Seeing me cooperating with her wittily, her mouth raised a smug smile.
At this time, Kalan Cuo got into the portal one step earlier, and she would never watch me and Qige fight so ambiguously.
The lizard maid, Takama, who is standing on the side, only knows that she is standing aside, looking at us 南京夜生活论坛 curiously, as if she can’t understand the interaction between me and Qige. Probably young men and women in the lizard don’t usually do that. .
Only Catalina would laugh unscrupulously on the sidelines: “Chuck!”
Sure enough, she is now much bolder than before, and she dared to laugh out loud in front 南京桑拿会所 of Qige.
Luca and the dwarf warrior Bernd walked in from behind. Bernd was startled at first, and then he bowed his head very interestingly and quickly stepped into the portal.
Tauren Luca didn’t react so quickly. He looked at in surprise for a moment, then silently covered a big hand in front of him, and then said to himself: “Oh oh oh! I didn’t see anything, Bernd, Did you mean? Hey, you are waiting for me. It turns out that you can run so fast. Hey, wait for me”
Luka said as he fumbled and walked into the portal.
Through the glass window on the top of