th and hit the blackboard.

Cyril slumped to the ground with a punch from William, then William reached out and grabbed Cyril’s curly hair and raised his head high, allowing him to look at William’s cold face.
At this moment, William said jokingly: “Do you think that when you come to the Royal Academy of Magic to take 南京桑拿按摩网 classes, your civilian status can be treated like aristocrats. Tell me who gave you the courage, so that you can treat someone anytime, anywhere. Is the noble so rude?”
Cyril shook his head in a panic, without making any sound.
William let go of his hand in satisfaction, and Teacher Cyril slumped on the floor like a mass of mud, covered in blood. I didn’t expect that the relentless suppression of Teacher Cyril would become so vulnerable under William’s fist.
There is a rule in the laws of the empire: any dispute between the nobles and the civilians, the civilians will be implicated when they are held accountable.
Forced by William’s aura, no one in the lecture hall dared to stop William.
It wasn’t until William walked in front of me that he reached out his hand in full view, took off the white glove, and threw it on the table in front 南京桑拿会所 of me very casually.
Then he sneered and said to me: “Okay, I’m here today to give you a white glove. Let’s have a dignified duel! Giga.”
I sat on the chair, looked up at William, and stretched out my hand to stop Noah who was about to rush up, and said, “Okay, I agree to your duel invitation, William!”
Hearing my promise so readily, William was very proud Showed the winner’s smile, and then in the classroom, in front of everyone, said to me: “When the time comes, I will show mercy to your subordinates and try not to hit you in the face!”
At this time, I smiled and looked at William, and then I told him Said: “As the challenged, I have the right to prioritize the selection of factors that are beneficial to me, right?”
William didn’t seem to care about these at all, and said readily: “Yes, you can decide on the time and place of the 江苏桑拿论坛 du