and all he did was in vain.

Luca had noticed the movement in the pergola, and he rushed over from the edge of the brazier in the corner of the courtyard.
A roar full of feral anger and suffocating nostrils made the face of the second-ranking powerhouse a little serious.
After the tauren Luka went mad, it was like a steam train, turning into a white light to charge towards the second-turn powerhouse.
Behind Luka appeared a tauren warrior phantom with a column stone totem on his shoulder, 南京桑拿夜网 this is his momentum.
The second rank strong man shouted dignifiedly, his chest filled with fighting spirit, and a grudge light as white mist appeared all over his body, spiraling upward from under his feet, protecting his whole body.
Even after the second job transfer, the second-ranking powerhouse still cannot ignore the tauren who was born to be the most powerful fighter. Because of the physical talent, the tauren fighters were promoted in the initial stage without any bottleneck. On his shoulders was a lady who had fallen into a coma, which made him worried and did not dare to rashly shake the tauren’s charge.
The second-tier powerhouse yelled, and a translucent shadow shield appeared in front of his body. Luca hit the shield heavily, as if hitting an iron wall, Luca’s tall body was slightly weakened by the muffled sound. Suddenly, the charge was blocked by the second-tier powerhouse. The right fist stained with ice flame hit Luka. Luka’s heavy body could not dodge, and the iron fist hit Luka’s hard leather shoulder armor, the entire hard leather shoulder armor. After being smashed into a depression, Luca fell on his 南京桑拿楼凤网 back, and the cleave from the Moonblade in his hand also fell into the empty space.
There was a cold snort in the strong man’s nose.
He glanced at the other side of the pergola, his body’s center of gravity had just deviated from the original place, and he wanted to quickly escape in the dark.
But at this moment, the figure of a female assassin wrapped in cyan leather armor