ep forward and said to Christopher: “No. The Faceless Warriors in the Inner Sea are the Seventh Sail team. They don’t seem to intend to swallow the Faceless Warriors in one bite.”

Marquis Christopher asked in surprise: “Oh? Is there any new idea for them?”
The entourage replied immediately: “Yes, the leader of the Seventh Sail Team, Jack He. Xi only wanted to encircle these Faceless Warriors, but did not intend 南京夜生活论坛 to clean them up. It is said that this would attract more Faceless Army.”
“Order the rest of the sail team captains, oh, let them come to me after dinner. Here, we will set up a defensive line here. In addition, we will tell the adventurous group that will follow up with the news of our deployment here. I believe they will also be interested in killing the Faceless Warrior.” Marquis Christopher thought. Think, said to the entourage.
After speaking, the Marquis Christopher stood up straight, patted Noah on the shoulder, and said to him: “Then our coalition forces will be formally established. I will keep the fleet stationed on the extinct volcanic island for a while, and we will be waiting for Naga here. As for the Marine Clan’s army, as for the battle plan, just follow the previous one. As long as the Faceless Legion in the deep sea area can be brought to the vicinity of this small island, we are responsible for keeping them.”
Not long after, Noah and I rode on the magic 南京桑拿夜网 埽. After leaving the fifth floating giant ship, we returned to the extinct volcanic island, only to find that Jacques and Joan, Knight Rand and his team of knights, and Miss Cherie were all in a lifeboat and arrived on the island. on.
At this time, the original dense tropical rainforest of the extinct volcanic island has been trampled by the Faceless Warriors, a mess. Some mountains are almost bare, and a fire is still burning on the top of one of the mountains.
It turned out that both the Slave Trader and the Bellan followed the Marquis Christopher’s sail team and entered into the deep sea together. Our boat