nt, Takeda Zhi’s sword could not be withdrawn.

It wasn’t until later that she watched the video that she understood that at this moment, the reason she 南京桑拿会所 couldn’t withdraw the knife was: The shadow king, who was still alive and hadn’t completely turned into white light, was commanding the residual blood with a vague consciousness. The platinum stone demon shook the tip of her knife.
For Tomo Takeda, who has entered the state of blood Raksha transformation, this kind of dying counterattack can only contain her for a moment.
However, it is this moment so that the scales have changed the outcome of
the call
Hercules edge of the roll spin dragon, awe-inspiring grudge temporary body piercing.
Takeda Chi, who was a bit slow, was struck by the halberd from the rear. The halberd’s front was pierced and unstoppable. Under the impetus of a steady and powerful force, it continued to advance. Even the halberd in front of Takeda was unstoppable. Both the Shadow King and the Platinum Stone Demon were penetrated. In a
short breath, three 南京龙凤网 small to large figures were strung like mutton skewers by the halberd.
“Old Zhao, thank you for your hard work.” When Juan Meng was still speaking, King Zhao Ying had completely dissipated, and his platinum stone demon naturally disappeared with his master.
However, Tomo Takeda was not completely dead. Although she was about to turn into white light and teleported, but a few seconds before the start of the transformation process, her undisappeared corpse would still be strung on the halberd of the tired dream.
During this period, rebuilding the building will suck her blood.
As mentioned earlier, the heavy building can be temporarily strengthened by absorbing blood. The specific degree of strengthening is related to the “quantity” and “quality” of blood.
Takeda’s Blood Raksha Transformation has similar activation conditions to Uesugi Jin’s Demon Zen Liutan, that is, “can 南京夜生活spa论坛 be activated before death.” Although this transformation can only increase its damage and