he wind mark.

A peerless swordsman, two very different swordsmanship.
Under the intensive offensive, Kuangzong Jianying suddenly fell into the wind.
“It’s clear that it has already started to disappear.” Although Jian Shao is not weak, in front of Ruo Yu today, there is almost nothing left to parry.
From his point of view, it was as if he was being besieged by two swordsmen at the same time, and this pressure even passed one enemy two.
“Oh Kuang trace has not been seen, the sword shadow is sparse.” Between the ups and downs, Ruoyu was still taunting his opponent very easily, “One of the’Sword Laughter’, is the strength nothing more than that?”
Kuangzong 南京桑拿会所网 Jianying knows this. It was the opponent who was provoking himself and wanted him to take out the moves at the bottom of the box; but he didn’t mind doing this either, because he was already about to be driven to a desperate situation.
“Want to see my trick, right?” Young Master Jian suddenly drank as soon as he responded, “Okay! Complete you!” The
voice fell, and the trick came out .
But seeing Kuangzong Jianying fully lifted the inner yuan, condensed on the sword.
In an instant, a red light rose from his sword, and the wind and clouds changed its color.
“!” Shao Jian’s shout was the same as the sword move.
The power is shocking, the changes are treacherous, one move can be changed into all kinds, and all kinds of moves can be used.
If Yu sees this, the corners of his mouth are smiling, but his eyes are indifferent.
She was like an interested gambler who suddenly lost interest in this game after seeing the opponent’s hole cards.
“Not bad” Ruoyu said so, but the tone he used gave people a feeling of “but so”, “Then I’ll give you a good time too.” As he spoke
, his two swords moved simultaneously , and the two flowed into one. 江苏桑拿论坛 Recruited in response to the trend.
The black and white qi on the Xuanyuan Sword and the original water divine sword merged into a supreme sword light with the sword style, instantly smashing the