citizens will pull him to deal with it. He hasn’t shied away, otherwise he will not perform his duties, be separated from the masses, and be arrogant.

And there was another time when Qi Yuan made a confession after 南京桑拿会所网 interrogating the suspect overnight. As soon as it was past nine o’clock and the cafeteria was no longer serving breakfast, he went to the detachment door to line up to buy 南京夜生活论坛 some buns.
In the end, he was photographed by someone with a heart, and posted on the Internet, saying that he came out to eat steamed buns during work hours. It was a dereliction of duty.
Fortunately, neither Su Ping nor Xun Mu were the kind of wimpy leaders who wanted to bow their heads to public opinion and chose to let their subordinates be wronged. Instead, he made a report after inquiring about the situation and threatened to hold the rumors accountable, and it really took time and energy to investigate it.
It turned out that the person who took the picture and sent the message was an idler who had been detained for provoking troubles.
There was a big reversal in public opinion, and Qi Yuan also let out a long sigh of relief.
But this kind of thing is still annoying.
Su Ping also persuaded him that as long as he stepped out 南京夜生活spa论坛 of the door of the detachment, he would change his clothes unless he was on business. At least he had to change his shirt into his trousers, and ordinary people would not be able to see it.
Even when he is on business, he advises not to wear police uniforms, just plain clothes.
But seeing that Qi Yuan really liked it, Su Ping seemed to see himself back then, so he let him. Anyway, this enthusiasm could not last long in theory, and he only required him to wear casual clothes during tasks such as catching squats and deploying control. All right.
“Yo, Xiao Qi.” As soon as he walked to the locker room, Qi Yuan ran into Fang Chang who happened to come out of it. Fang Chang also noticed him for the first time, raising his eyebrows and saying hello.
Qi Yuan raised a smile at the