ld bring her to my house.” The landlord’s voice was low and he was very guilty. Give two thousand yuan a month to let Ning Huangju give the little girl some nutrition, keep her body well, and don’t let anything go wrong.”

“Oh, you will still feel 南京桑拿按摩网 sorry for it!” the irritable detective sneered.
The old thing doesn’t excuse it.
At this time, the interrogator asked again: “Then why did you act against Song Ge against Officer Zhao?”
” Are you afraid that things will be exposed. I didn’t think too much at the time, justoh!”
Chapter 771: Confirmed.
Twenty minutes later, Su Ping’s phone rang. He said sorry, and got up and walked aside to connect.
Song came by phone to report to him the general situation of the initial interrogation.
Generally speaking, Ning Huangju and the landlord are talking about the same thing, but the details are quite contradictory or even completely contradictory. Obviously, the two are splashing dirty water with each other, shirking responsibility, and trying to alleviate what they are about to face. Punish.
It is not difficult to truly determine the truth. With Shen An present, just ask the little girl.
Su Ping was also worried that doing so would cause 南京桑拿会所 secondary harm to the little girl, so he decided to ask Xun Mu and Song Ge Lao Hai for foreign aid.
The three of them know some reliable psychologists.
Su Ping intends to wait for the expert to arrive, and then arrange for Chai Ningning to conduct interviews with a female forensic doctor, and then a psychologist will intervene accordingly. If necessary, a psychiatrist will be asked to treat the girl with drugs as much as possible. The damage caused is minimized.
Hanging up the phone and returning to Shen An’s house, she saw that the little girl was asleep.
Today, she was irritated and inhaled a small amount of leaked poisonous gas. Although the leak was not long and the ventilation was timely and there was no serious problem, it obviously made her very tired and could no longer withstand it.