recently made Fernando choose to move forward carefully, not daring to fly boldly. Therefore, within the range of mental power, he suddenly found a more obvious trace. It seems that there is no effective treatment when the rookie leaves.

“Is there a relic of a magician hidden here?” Fernando’s mood improved. It was not that he was greedy for money, but that the “Union Council of Magicians of the Continent”, which was not known to many people at present, really lacked the foundation, not only lacking materials, but also Lack of money-At the beginning of the change of Cux, the most severely damaged was the Union of Magicians. The two surviving vice-chairmen divided up the legacy of the organization. At present, I don’t know where to hide, leaving it to Douglas and Fernando. Only the “Sky City” Allinge was in ruins. If Hathaway had not sponsored a large sum of 南京龙凤论坛 money, Fernando’s exchanges with other organizations would be shabby.
So he paused to move forward, cast spells, created “secret eyes” and other things, carefully surveyed the surroundings, and after confirming his safety, he began his efforts to crack the magic mechanism.
After about half an hour, with a click, a gate collapsed on the hill.
After Fernando checked it again, he acted like a fire and flew in. It turned out that most of the gems, materials and objects were gone, leaving only a few corners.
“Hey, it’s a bit late. If you meet the rookie before, you can deceive him, uh, introduce him to the council.” Fernando sighed rather grimly.
From the magic books being taken away, as well as the remaining battle traces, he preliminarily judged through prophetic spells that the one who took the treasure was an apprentice-level rookie.
vegetation grows in the valley, shrouded in a 南京桑拿夜网 faint, ever-changing mist.
Erica was holding the thick book with a black cover, reading the content fascinatingly, and calculating something from time to time.
“It turns out that we are on the planet”
“Gravity is the essence of the earth’s power