lay with her. Son, they are all female slaves, and they only deserve to live in the wood shed to eat sweet potatoes. Can you bear the smell of sweet potatoes?” The blonde-haired girl stood on the corner of the street full of sewage and stopped one. Said loudly for the poor boy in rags.

The red-eyed little girl standing in the corner was holding the two-year-old boy in one hand, looking aggrievedly at the group of children in the slums that had gone away, tears rushing through the grieved face. A pug also jumped out from the trash can beside him, looked at the group of children running away, turned back and barked at the little girl a few times, turned around and chased the group of children quickly. Originally, the group of children wanted to go to the small restaurant in the city to ask for some swill and leftovers to fill their stomachs, but no one wanted to bring the humble child born by this half-orc slave girl. The child born from the slave was born a slave.
The girl had to run home with her brother on an empty stomach, and said grievously to the 南京桑拿夜网 woman lying on the sick bed: “Ama, we are not slaves! I 南京桑拿会所网 don’t want to eat sweet potatoes all day, and the other children despise me. Take me to play!”
The woman lying on the sick couch stared blankly at the tattered straw mat wall, wondering if the next heavy rain would make this thatched hut completely collapse, but now this shabby thatched hut can still shelter them much A little wind and rain. She was once a beautiful dancer with the blood of the orc bunny. The trick of fate brought her down. Her thin cheeks looked extremely sallow, and her haggard hair was like a pile of grass on her head. The original clear eyes are now He was so thin that he was abruptly in his eyes, like the lowest skeleton of the undead clan. The stinking pus was already flowing out of the wound on her waist. She knew that she had no time, but when she saw her two children, she still had a strong attachment in her 南京夜生活论坛 eyes, ah! How I don’t want to leave like this, how will the