The Scruid Empire is very strong, with a vast territory and an extremely large number of fleets. The contemporary empress is even more civil and martial arts, and is assisted by the great general Karl Rutte.
But one of their most obvious weakness is that they can only climb technology and know nothing about magic. Now that they are caught by Chaos Magic, he still wants to break 南京夜生活论坛 free with a look of horror.
But if he could be run away by such a small soldier, Wanda would not be one of the strongest on earth.
The big red hand, like holding an ice cream cone, sent the Skrull to the death knell. The mercenary took off his mask and revealed a smiling one-eyed eye.
“Magic is a special product of the earth. I have to taste it. How about it
. Are you satisfied with your treatment?” “Bah! Don’t you want to get any news from me, earthlings, your end is coming, for the empire!” The Skrew spit, then shouted a slogan, his head tilted, and he hung up like that.
Su Ming was not in a hurry, just controlled the strangulation to read the memory. Anyway, if people get it, it doesn’t matter whether they are dead or alive, as long as the brain is intact.
After a few seconds, he knew an interesting plan, and he also 南京龙凤论坛 knew the general plan of the Skrulls. The guy in front of him was just a soldier and didn’t know much, but he could speculate a little along the clues.
The thing is probably like this-
after the home star exploded that year, the people of Screw ran away from their homes in tears, but were afraid to find the trouble of Swallowing Stars, so they kept their accounts on the Swallowing Stars who led them to eat. Messenger body.
It was the white-haired, dead fish-eyed, naturally curly human. The wicked man claimed to be “Yin Tama”.
They had a bloody feud with this silver-tama, and the surviving Skrew people vowed that even if they wanted to go through the universe, they would have to find out and kill this person.
But after so many years, Swallowing Star is still moving around, but