ng stood up with a smile, and took a deep breath of the urban waste gas full of chemical raw materials: “I know Who is supporting the former Hydra scientist, and he understands why Odin chose to launch the plan at this time.”

Chapter 2467 Mutant Utopia
“I can’t help you, Mr. Stark, please go back. “On
the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Professor X refused Tony’s suggestion without 南京夜生活论坛 hesitation, and the wheelchair turned silently, leading the old man towards his students.
“I can add money.” Tony waved the checkbook in his hand unwillingly, and shouted toward the bald back: “Since you want to build a country, you must need supplies. I have a lot of money and can also sponsor your various equipment. , Discuss it again?” The
wheelchair stopped, but Charles didn’t want to negotiate. He turned around with a smile:
“My parents used to be your father’s colleagues, and I know Howard very well, kid, wait until When do you understand that money is not everything, and there are so many things in the world that money cannot buy, you will understand my decision today.”
“I understand! But I also understand that no money is absolutely impossible. Make a price, Or just borrow the brainwave amplifier to us.” Tony took a few steps closer, and he bent down and looked at Charles: “We are not trying to borrow your ability to 南京桑拿会所 do bad things, just to find out what is lurking on the earth. Scroo, you can protect the earth and make money at the same time, why not do it?”
“Because there are other ways to protect the earth, let me use my ability to scan the minds of human beings around the world and read their memories. This is the dumbest kind of them.”
Charles did not change because of Tony’s emotional excitement. He still had a warm smile:
“A glamorous excuse can’t alleviate my sin of peeking into everyone’s memory. It is immoral and illegal, and it runs counter to my principles. I won’t think about it. The amplifier is lent to you. The White Queen or others may trade with you, but I am in