k a glass, rubbed half a glass of wine, and toasted with a smile:

“Consultant, Mr. Stark, many things are only taken into consideration when someone wants to ask. You. In fact, the mechanical structure of LMD was made by your father Howard and Dr. Radrick. The person who wrote the program was Dr. Zola, and the person who perfected all the details was Dr. Pim, although Dr. Radrick is now working on it. The new system is used as an update and upgrade, for which he has spent more than ten years self-learning programming, but the success of the “Ada” project is still far away.”
Hearing this explanation, Tony drank a glass of wine in silence.
This kind of ghost is actually a work done by four talented scientists. Although now Dad 南京龙凤论坛 and Zola are dead, and Dr. Pim is crazy, no matter who among them came up with a robot that can kill the controller, strange.
Dr. Radrick is a four-eyed nerd, typing on keyboards in the laboratory all day long. He is still an old virgin when he is a few dozen years old, and he doesn’t look like a bad guy at all.
And Dr. Pim is the most suspicious. It is a criminal record to create Ultron.
Anyway, LMD is out of control, it can’t be done by a dead person, right?
But Nadia is here, and Tony won’t speak ill of her father, so as not to affect the unity of the Avengers.
“But sir, I didn’t find any big threats to 南京夜生活spa论坛 this kind of robots, they are very weak.” Peter has found the head of Fury robot and asked Jessica to hold the phone to keep the video call, and he showed everyone The mechanical head that fell.
In fact, it’s not a 南京桑拿会所 high-tech to put it bluntly. It is an inorganic skeleton made of polymer material, covered with a human skin mask of unknown material. The more valuable should be the processor and program in the head.
Fake Fry’s face was torn off with such a yank at the neck break, and Peter played with his face in his hand like a handkerchief.
“You interrupted the circuit. Of course, you didn’t think there was any risk. In fact, they can explode, and the power