ribable concern. A ray of longing stays in the small attic far to the north.

“Fanny, Liont, and Tracy agreed to come over to attend my coming-of-age ceremony. I am a little worried about them. I don’t know how they are doing in the Imperial City.” I said to Yingli.
Yingli gently pressed my forehead and smiled and said to me: “It’s okay, we are going back soon, aren’t we?”.
This experience journey lasted more than three months. It is not a long time to leave the emperor, but the moment when the Queen of Vengeance returned to Ilinas through the space rift, it seemed to me The feeling of being separated.
At this time, Noah began to tell Louis about the battle of the sea and the abyss,南京桑拿会所网 and talked about the flying battleships of the Marquis Christopher. Louis could not help but sigh, saying that the Marquis Christopher is also a star, and he has always been in the Mensa family. Louis and Noah’s rivals, this time Boris rebelled on Vashj’s plane, and Christopher was to blame anyway.
What Louis did not expect was that the relationship with the Naga Sea was expected to improve.
Over the years, the mutual respect between the Mensa family and the Nagahai tribe has been reduced from mutual respect to friendliness, and because the slave trade group on the Vashj plane has been repeatedly banned, perhaps Boris is the largest slave trader in recent years, which led to Mensa The relationship between the family and the Naga Sea Clan has dropped to indifference. This battle of the Great Abyss is regarded as the Naga Sea Clan sending 南京夜生活论坛 another friendly signal to the humans on the Vashj plane. The victory of the battle also eased the relationship between the two sides. .
After all, more than ninety-nine percent of Vashj’s seas are endless. These sea areas are controlled by the Naga Sea Clan. The islands occupied by the Mensa family are distributed in various places in the Vashj Sea. They only rely on ships to communicate with each other. Sailing is the cheapest form of transportation on the plane of Vashj.