yaz You and you are from different worlds. I hope you don’t blame me directly. You have the confidence to overcome those difficulties. For you, are the difficulties from different worlds? I don’t know what a demon hunter is, but it seems that your parents are dead. It’s not a simple vengeance that your sisters need to flee, which means that your situation is actually not very good. In this way, will it affect Reyaz? When the tragedy that happened to your parents, it will be reproduced in Reyaz again At the time, would you regret the liking today?”

“I…I am not…no…not like this…not like this I am just”
“Just what?” Mrs. Kaia stared at Helen’s eyes. “Is it just because of the youth sprouting between boys and girls? Or is it just the impulse of thinking about the consequences after a hot mind? No matter which one is you, are you sure you are ready.”
“I’ll go there. Take a look!” Helen rushed out of Mrs. Kaia as if fleeing.
Seeing the girl’s back, Mrs. Kaia gave a wry smile: “I’m afraid I’ve been completely annoyed.”
She shook her head, but at this moment, she heard something, and Mrs. Kaia glanced over. , I saw a figure rushing into the jungle 南京龙凤网 embarrassedly.
Chapter 191 The Graduation and the Coming Man
Gan Hong lowered her head, gasping for breath while watching sweat drip from the ends of her hair. The doctor said that this kind of rehabilitation training should not be too high-intensity, and it would be almost the same for two hours a day.
But Gan Hong feels that her body can be eaten even though she is very tired now, but it is actually much easier than when she was training in the school.
The special classes in the school have not only a high elimination rate, but also a low mortality rate.
And the extent of this kind of rehabilitation training is just this level,
“it’s almost the same, it should be 南京夜生活论坛 hydrated.”
Gan Hong suddenly raised his head and saw Luo Qiu walking towards him with a splash of water.
Gan Hong was stunned and said: “Master Qiu”