ed it.” Chu Ling disappeared after speaking.

But 南京品茶网 Hao Dong, who was standing motionless, was still alive. He said to Zhou Yi: “Why are you still standing still? Start training!” The tone is exactly the same as the real head coach! But Zhou Yi rolled his eyes–I don’t know who stood motionless just now, “What are you practicing?” he asked. “Pass […]

as been won, just like climbing the past two-thirds of the distance, the remaining third he must go all out, otherwise he will fall, and everything will be lost.

But within two days of practicing, he received calls from the Spurs, Houston, Mavericks and Lakers scouts. They talk differently, but the information they gave is the same, and they all hope that he can participate in the European joint trial that is coming soon. NBA teams have little 南京桑拿论坛 interest in European perimeter players, […]

hzell. Because we have already negotiated with Nike. Nike is very interested in being able to cooperate with such an outstanding star as Rong. They are also very interested in the conditions they give Rich is hard to refuse. So I’m sorry, Mr.

Schzer . Your call is late.南京龙凤网” When Dai Bo La hung up, Sun Fengyang turned to look at her and smiled, “Is it a sweet potato?” Dai Bo La hung up . Nodded: “Adidas regrets it and wants to sign Rong.” “The old big company, the reaction speed is slow. It can be regarded as […]

e Olympic team will both hit the World Cup and the Olympics. The World Cup is a topic that Chinese fans can’t get around. What everyone cares most is whether the national team can enter the World Cup after the Zhouyi.

The performance of the national team in the Asian Cup gave many fans confidence. Wanda Group also plans to bring more young Chinese players to play abroad, following the path of Zhou Yi. All 南京品茶网 this makes everyone feel that the future of Chinese football is bright. “Zhou Yi, do you think we have a […]

hesitated and was a little unwilling. He knows what Hao Dong is going to do. In 70 minutes of each game, Hao Dong will replace Zhou Yi with Yang Fei to strengthen his defense and let the exhausted Zhou Yi come off and rest. No matter what the game is like, this substitution adjustment is from Chelsea. After the youth team’s game started, it became an unstoppable reservation procedure.

What Xu Yang hesitated and unwilling is that once he changes to Zhouyi next time, it means that the Chinese team will not attack anymore, and it must be a dead end. Hope to hold this tie. But just now we were still leading by one goal, thinking about whether we can win, but now […]


urgent and has already called me several times.” ” Okay. ” , Tino, can you just say something directly?” “Uh, four days ago, I received a call from Spain. They told me they were from the Real Madrid Club and wanted to ask you about it. I have no idea about going to the Bernabéu […]


to the future warriors, then Nash is playing, undoubtedly Stephen Curry. And Su Feng, you can understand that he is playing the role of Klega Durant at the same time. When Nash was holding the ball with his teammates for a pick-and-roll, Su Feng would look for opportunities through a wide range of runs on […]

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acceleration and jumping ability in the sprint stage when sprinting and dunking, and to slightly increase the success rate of the counter-dunk. The “Deduction Master” once again increased the success rate of the deduction. 南京419论坛 These two effects are superimposed in this way. Good deed, Wayne feels that he will be a frequent visitor to […]


fter only one game with the Eagles. This time, the Hawks also want to replicate this operation, replace all the capable players, and carry out the failure to the end. As a result, the eagle did not even wait for an inquiry! Is no team interested in Payton? of course not. But all the teams […]